Want a YES! rating on Any Black People In That for your entertainment project?

To start, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Are there Black/African-American people in front of and behind the camera?
  2. Are there Black/African-American people on the computer screen and the keyboard?
  3. Are your Black/African-American characters unique, dimensional individuals and definitely not stereotypes (there are dozens)?

If you are unable to answer a resounding 'YES!' to all of these questions, please contact Any Black People In That. 


"Let's tell EVERYONE about that movie!" 

In today's world, the success of your project depends on meeting the highest standards of diversity, inclusion and positive representation.

Black people are high entertainment consumers in general and  frequent movie-goers in particular. You want and need them to support your project by purchasing, downloading and sharing.

Let Any Black People In That? help you make your project a success.   

Whether you have an idea, a script or a finished project ready to launch, it's time to consult with us. We will:

  • Meet with you and your crew (in real life or virtually) to discover your purpose, goals and dreams for your project
  • Study your project and share our thoughts about its diversity, inclusion and representation 
  • Alert you to any and all stereotypes and misrepresentations
  • Give you written, concrete steps you can take to ensure that your project is inclusive and deserving of a 'Yes!' rating

You're working hard to have a successful project that will make you proud. 

Consult with Any Black People In That? and let's make it happen. 

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