Why Advertise on Any Black People In That?

Let's buy this!

Let's buy this!

Any Black People In That? is the best and easiest way on the internet to reach and target the powerful Black/African-American entertainment consumer. 

Consider these facts: 

Black/African-Americans are what the Motion Picture Association of America calls “frequent moviegoers” -- people who go to the movies once a month or more.

Black/ African Americans make up just 14% of the population, but are responsible for some $1.2 TRILLION in purchases annually. (Fortune.com)

Black folks spend A LOT of money, BUT they do have some expectations: 

Nielsen’s research shows that 38% of African Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 and 41% of those aged 35 or older expect the brands they buy to SUPPORT SOCIAL CAUSES, outpacing the total population by 4% and 15%, respectively. (Fortune.com)

Black/African-American consumers visit this site because they are dedicated to supporting entertainment (movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc.) and businesses that support and positively represent them- Black/African-Americans.  

They trust our rating and review system to help them decide which entertainment to consume, and they know that any business that advertises on Any Black People In That? also cares about diversity, inclusion and positive representation.

They trust us, and they will trust you.  

Advertising on Any Black People In That? will bring high quality visitors to your business, AND give your business or project massive recognition and credibility.

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