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Any Black People In That? seeks diversity, inclusion and positive representation in entertainment.

 "Any Black People In That?"

 Angela Norton Tyler started Any Black People In That? because Every. Single. Time. she considers watching a movie or TV show or listening to a podcast or supporting a new business, she asks herself one question:

“Any Black People In That?”

Angela grew up in a family that supported Black businesses- when it wasn't easy and even when it was not. Her parents impressed upon their children the importance of spending your hard-earned money in your own community. The family's house painters, dentists, travel agents, the dry cleaners, etc- all Black folks.

Her parents also belonged to many Black organizations to which they generously gave their time, energy and money.   

A friend vividly recalls Angela's response when the friend said that she was going to buy some lingerie from Victoria's Secret: 

"I'm not buying anything from Victoria's Secret until they have some BLACK MODELS IN THEIR CATALOGUE!" 

This was back when Angela was a junior in college- and online shopping had yet to be invented.

Many things have changed in Angela's life since then. She's switched jobs, careers, cities. She's written some books. She's opened and closed a business or two (or three).  

However, one thing has NOT changed: it is still important to Angela to support Black/African-American businesses.

Once Angela became a mother and a teacher, she wanted all children (hers and everyone else's) to see positive, realistic portrayals of Black people in entertainment, media and literature.

It's always been about diversity, inclusion and representation.  

Angela believes that if she is going to spend her time and money on a movie or a show or a business, if she is going to put her children or students in front of screen- there ought to be some BLACK PEOPLE IN IT SOMEWHERE and they had better not be negatively stereotyped.

"Any Black People In That?"

Angela knows that she cannot be the only person (Black or otherwise) asking this question.

She's decided to share the answer with you.